ICO will start on 24 April

  • Soft Cap 5,000,000 $

  • Hard Cap 17,000,000 $



Bionic is an incubator for companies using blockchain tech to provide innovative new services and applications. We are a family of companies who share workspaces, experience and advice. We are a network of professionals who specialize in connecting promising startups to a "chain" of service-providers, advisors, potential investors, legal & accounting affiliates.

How it works

BNC Crowdfunding

It is an essential part of the BNC ecosystem as it directly supports the fundamental idea behind the electronic new market


We believe in the importance of technology. We are dedicated to sharing our values with others. One of our most vital foundational goals is to Lead the electronic world market


BNC will create a new revolution in the cryptocurrency market by facilitate having electronic devices and software.

Our Mission

- Simplify the financial transactions between electronic companies.

- Make any electronic device able to buy using BNC.

- Lead the electronic market.


Our Future Partners


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